Our Promise


The best quality olives


Harvested and pressed within 24 hours

Respect for the Environment

No pesticides, minimal water use, recycled materials wherever possible


Fair pricing


No hype, no frills - just good tasting olive oil

Certified high quality

We adhere to the strict standards of harvesting, pressing and taste set by the California Olive Oil Council.

Olive oil must be checked for quality at every harvest to show the California Olive Oil Council seal.

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Olives are good for you!

Maybe not so much in your martini, but the FDA says we can tell you about the benefits of olive oil on our labels - and they’re pretty picky about that sort of thing.

What we’re about

It's simple really.  We are a chef and a former city girl who bought a farm during the worst drought in California history.

There was a method to our madness.  We wanted to grow olives and make killer olive oil.  And now we get to.  Every day we go out and look at our olive trees.  We watch the trees from bloom to ripening.  When the olives are perfect, we harvest and press those little guys into the most luscious 100% arbequina olive oil we have ever tasted.

Local farm.  Local peeps. Delish olive oil.  No pesticides or other funkiness.  Olives grown with love and prayers for rain.

Boccabella Farms is 100% local - we live here, too.

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